Our Brands

The Juice Lab

Juice Lab is a new generation of wellness products. It is our brand commitment that we use only all natural ingredients that deliver authentic functional benefits to our consumers, via meaningful doses.
We understand the science of nature and utilise it to meet key consumer wellness needs.


Original Juice Company

An Australian household favourite for over 30 years. From farm to bottle, our oranges are hand-picked in New South Wales and delivered daily to our factory in Victoria, where they are squeezed and juiced to maximise retaining essential nutrients.
We continue to innovate as we extend our range to include delicious new flavours and unique fruit and vegetable blends.



Our philosophy is focused on an holistic approach, to health and wellness - beauty is created from within.Our brand values are based on using scientific evidence based, 100% natural, sustainable, premium quality ingredients to deliver a range of health and beauty benefits to our consumers. 


Aussie Juice Growers

Delivering trusted, great value and taste to our consumers. We support our Australian farmers and their communities by sourcing 100% of our oranges directly from their harvest.

Thirsty Brothers Original Juice

Crafted to delight your senses, our delicious premium NFC (not from concentrate) export juices are for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Made in Melbourne, from 100% premium quality Australian fruit.

Australia's Garden

Our delicious export juices are made in Melbourne, Australia from 100% premium, freshly squeezed, quality Australian fruit.